Do You Think Men Just Have Boots? Not Anymore!

Trending shoe categories that paced the runway


Men love wearing boots as much as they love sports! Or could be even more than sports… boots are fun, yet elegant and always add a touch of cool. Then again just like men they are sturdy, tough and can take on every weather except for maybe the hot tropical summer months in India.

While it is impossible to go wrong with boots, but isn’t that a little too boring to just grab onto the old chunky pair? Here are a few shoe categories that have made the charts as hot favourites when it comes to men’s footwear…

Derby elevators:

_mg_5509-_2[Get this Tan Derby Elevator]


Elevators are these amazingly sharp, lightweight trendy pieces of shoe-wear that can bring style to even the most drab outfits. It comes with vegetable tanned calf leather to get that unique dress shoe look, and comes with a 1 inch platform outside that ensures compression while you walk and comes with a quality friction lining the underneath to affirm a firm grip.

Hybrid brogues:

_mg_5529_2[Get this Tan Brogue Hybrid


Redefined Oxford style shoes that integrates well with traditional craftsmanship but still has a touch of modern engineering to boast about. With hybrid designs fellmonger has tried to create a contemporary modern look to well-known classics.

Suede wingtips:

_mg_5541-_2[Get this Tan Suede Wingtip]


You can go classic all while being weatherproof, by buying this classic wingtip made of tan suede. The perfect shoe for chilly winters, a suede shoe will add the right amount of texture and colour to your attire. Handcrafted to perfection with brogue accents this is a wingtip that offers style as well as comfort being the perfect lightweight companion to trot on.

Classic Leather slip-on:

_mg_8649_3[Get this Marmalade Leather Classic Slip On]


This is a Fellmonger speciality shoe, imbued with luxurious chic… only the finest of natural materials are used for making this shoe, where all the master craftsmen come together to design these pairs from scratch completely right from the beginning to the end. The shoe is designed with breathable PU, and a leather insole, which is used for the foot beds, so that your feet can remain pain free as well as never have that awful foot odour.

Fellmonger is the best online destination to get leather shoes for men. Now men’s designer shoes will be delivered right at your doorstep!


The Shoes You Need to Wear With Jeans


Jeans? Your BFF? Does it overwhelm you? Can you spend your entire life in a pair of rough blue denims, with no complaints or demands? Voila, you are at the right place.

Pairing your favorite pair of jeans with shoes for men is no-brainer. Countless footwear options are waiting for you – whether your jeans are slim-fit, straight-fit or of any other variant- it doesn’t matter, we at Fellmonger have shoes of all sizes, types and designs.


How about donning a tanned suede brogues to raise the temperature of your overall attire? Deep blue denims when paired with suede tanned brogues shoes online looks extremely fetching – as well elegant and chic, beyond doubts.

Now, a grave question for debate is whether formal shoes for men go well with jeans or not? What do you think?

If you ask us, yes, they look good together, if paired judiciously. Fashion is a lot about aesthetics, prudence and following the trends – once jeans were strictly limited to only casual avatars, but now the trends has changed and now they can be paired with almost anything and everything!


Make Fellmonger your new style destination. Their designer shoes for men look effortlessly elegant with jeans, chinos as well as three-piece well-tailored suits. 

Did You Go Wrong? Check Out These Nifty Suggestions about Leather Shoes

‘Shoes maketh the man’, but wrong shoe choices can do the opposite, i.e. spoil your look totally!

Check out these following tips and understand where you went wrong for so long:

Trend doesn’t last for long

Want to follow the latest trend? No worries, you can for sure. But, it is better to stick to the fundamentals, they never disappoints.

Say bye to filthy big boots

Once upon a time, jumbo untied boots deemed to be a major fashion statement but things change, right? They no more look attractive, instead a bit tawdry. Go for understated boots that exude class, elegance and the right attitude towards life. Fellmonger leather boots for men are unbeatable – these unique pieces of art are designed by a single craftsman.

Shine your shoes regularly

A shinning shoe radiates out good vibes about you, so why wanna play with your personality! A little bit of hard work won’t go in vain, count on me!

Right shoes+wrong socks = a complete disaster

As it is said – if shoes are the king, socks are its crown and it holds true in most of the cases. Black, brown and white are a big no-no, while colourful socks are amping up the glam quotient in men. Invest in a quirky pair of polka dotted socks and walk with impeccable aplomb.

Surrounding matters

 You can’t wear an uber cool pair of sneakers and head to a solemn board meeting, can you? The place where you are going does matter. So dress up yourself according to the occasion and venue.

Always be up for new trends

Though tried-and-tested styles are the safest bets but sometimes you need to break the signature style in order to look different. Broadening of your repertoire helps, trust me!

Catch the full blog here: How to Create the Right Impression about Handmade Shoes, Oops About Yourself

Top 3 Smashing Pack of Coloured Shoelaces to Buy Happiness


Bootlaces, shoelaces or shoestrings – call them in whatever names you like. They all serve the same purpose; they secure your fave pair of shoes and keep you comfortable while wearing them.

Shoelaces are often left ignored, when compared to the swish handmade leather shoes. That being said, the look of understated shoes can be enhanced largely by choosing intriguing shoelaces online, and even the most sophisticated shoes can deteriorate in appearance and quality, if paired with tawdry laces. Therefore, it is worthwhile to give due importance to the shoelaces on your shoes.


Pep up Your Shoe’s Look with the Fiery Pack Coloured Shoelaces by Fellmonger


Here we strive to bring nothing but the best on the table for you. Refined shoes call for eclectic shoelaces. Available in dazzling shades of yellow, red and dark blue, fiery pack shoelaces are a complete standout from its tailing counterparts. Pop in colours in your life (and on your feet) and be a fad-setter!

Product Details:

Length: 75 cm
Eyelets: 2-6
Width: 2.5mm
Material: 100% Waxed Cotton

To Play With Colours Lay Your Hands on the Bold Pack Fellmonger Coloured Shoelaces


A pair of coloured shoelaces can either make or break a look. Originating from the narrow alleyways of Italy, vibrant pair of Bold Pack coloured shoelaces is making its way all around the world. Use our bright and beaming shoelaces to transform your corporate business look into a less formal Sunday brunch statement and create a lasting impression!

Product Details:

Included are: Brown, Dark Blue and Purple
Length: 75 cm
Eyelets: 2-6
Width: 2.5mm
Material: 100% Waxed Cotton


Jazz It Up with Fellmonger Jazzy Pack Shoelaces Online


The most gorgeous shoelaces for formal men’s shoes are round, thin and made of waxed cotton. The thinner your Jazzy Pack shoelaces are the better will be the quality. However, choose your fancy laces wisely; poor quality laces often get ripped right away.

Product Details:

Included are: Pink, Green and Light Blue
Length: 75 cm
Eyelets: 2-6
Width: 2.5mm
Material: 100% Waxed Cotton

So, lace it up in style with our effervescent range of trendy shoelaces online at Fellmonger!

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Brighten Up Your Day With The Brogues Collections


Shoes that are class apart – the only phrase, which pops up in the mind while talking of the Brogues. Perhaps the only pair of shoes, which boasts of a royal history, overlapped with a contemporary tint. Handcrafted single handedly by the country’s most talented artisans, the shoes which were once, the favorite of the Royal Family of Balmoral, used for playing golf, are now the quintessential gentleman’s shoes.

Be it with Formal or Casuals, the Brogues, with their intricate designs have successfully acquired a permanent stance in the shoe rack. The section that follows presents the top 3 favorite kind of Brogues of men with style by Fellmonger.


  • English Brogue – The Oxford style shoes available in heartwarming color ranges of black, brown and tan. The black brogues pair the best with the formals while brown and tan brogues are good with jeans and formal trousers.
  • Long Wing Brogue – These shoes are a perfect amalgamation of traditional craftsmanship and modern design mechanisms. The pointed toe brogues just set the classy formal look.
  • Hybrid Brogues-  A shift from the classy Oxford Brogues, these are the country derby style shoes.  The added features include studded soles for improved grip in the drizzly weather.

Which one did you choose today? Also buy the best formal shoes for men only at


In Pursuit of Shoes – An Introduction to Shoemaking


Top-dollar cars, gorgeous watches and nifty gadgets fascinate some men and then there are those who derive stimulating sense of contentment by flaunting à la mode apparels, especially uber stylish shoes. To look dapper and natty, contemporary men are checking out a wide array of sophisticated designer shoes, which are a click away.

Shoemaking is one of the world’s oldest conventional handicraft businesses, originated 40000-26000 years ago (as per anthropological reports). Later on, when the process started reaping profits, this ancient tradition was turned into a flourishing commercial industry. Leather, rubber, metal, feather, plastics and Jute fabrics are some materials fabricated to develop stilettos, sneakers, galoshes and designer leather shoes for men.

The fundamentals of shoes are more or less same, including sole, midsole, insole, heel and vamp (upper). Supplementary add-ons, like lining, quarter, backstay, welt and tongue are designed, depending on the designers’ sense of taste.

Refined handmade leather shoes experience multiple stages of production before they confront the first rays of completion. The accurate number of steps may vary, although; it may take 60 steps or can go up to 390 different steps. In contrary to the past, designated departments have been established within a particular shoe factory to handle the numerous stages of production, instead of one department being responsible for the entire procedure.

Click on the link below to know the details of shoemaking process.


Four Top Shoe Types in Trend This Season!


Men look down at your feet… is it desperately crying for some attention. Does it need a long overdue makeover? Then this blog is something that you need to see.

Here are top four shoe types that are forever in style and will keep your look fresh as a garden whatever maybe the occasion.



The old-school Oxford is dead, this is the next generation Oxford shoe that integrates traditional craftsmanship with modern urban chic. The fantasy of having a traditional shoe deliver all those modern vibes is now a reality for men of India, who like to dress to impress! Made with hand polished antique leather!



It is safe to go classic with a simple yet weatherproof suede shoe. This wingtip suede shoe will be your guide and confidant during the coldest of winter months with impeccable style. The colour and texture is to die for, intricately handcrafted with brogue accents, this is a lightweight pair that as dapper as it is functional!




Possibly the most lightweight dress shoe in the world, this derby leather shoe is a vision in life! Business casual will be revived with a fresh of panache with this shoe type…



This is yet another modern marvel in our season special collection, made with the finest vegetable tanned calf leather, which is used for the upper part to provide that ideal dress shoe look and ensure optimum breathability.

Get men’s designer shoes online at Fellmonger, this is the ultimate destination for bespoke designer shoes for men